A Jungle Tale.

Nestled in a diminutive corner of Borneo’s tropical landscape in South-East Asia lies a testament to what very well could be the largest and most elaborate display of vehicular wealth the world has ever seen. 

Trying to tell the complete story of Brunei’s automotive escapades is quite simply an impossible feat. A collection of unfathomable scale, history has only granted those with a keen intuition small glimpses into a world unbridled by traditional monetary constraints.


Despite the Herculean task, many years of fastidious research, pestering the right automotive contacts and a generous helping of luck have granted me an insight into the collection which few have ever attained. Being a topic surrounded by a plethora of unsubstantiated rumours, wild tales and secrecy, ascertaining credible information is incredibly difficult. However, such is the grandiose history of the collection, I can assure you that there are many instances where the historical reality is even more ridiculous than the old-wives-tales can suggest. 

I would very much welcome the opportunity to tell the complete tale of the collection one day, from it’s inception in the 1980s under Brunei’s Black Gold Rush through to it’s present festering state. Until then however, you shall have to be content with a smattering of intriguing glimpses into some of the magnificent automotive creations that were commissioned by the family during Brunei’s wild decade of the ‘90s. 
First and foremost, I thought I’d kick off this expose into some of the Bruneian Royal cars with what is quite likely my personal favourite, the Bentley Continental R Sports Estate by Mulliner Park Ward. 
Aston Martin AM4 by Pininfarina.

The concept of owning a McLaren F1 remains but a dream to even the wealthiest millionaire car collectors. Hence, the Bruneian Royals acquired not one, not two, but ten McLaren F1s during the 90s heyday ranging from conventional roadcars (albeit describing a McLaren F1 as conventional seems preposterous), three F1 LMs, a GT Longtail and a replica of the Ueno clinic Le Mans winning GTR. 


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