With decades of intensive research into some of the most niche facets of the automotive world, it is our pleasure to be able to provide detailed advice to a global audience of several thousand of the most passionate and knowledgable collectors, historians and enthusiasts. 

With the proliferation of social media and online auctions in recent years, there has seemingly never been a better time to purchase or sell your classic. However, for those wishing for a more discrete path towards either acquiring the car of their dreams, or moving their own onto a new custodian, we would be more than happy to assist accordingly.

Furthermore, our extensive library of historic automotive photography, documentation and testimonials from marque experts and custodians places us in a unique position to advise you on your next automotive acquisition.

If you would like to seek appropriate advice on a niche classic or simply desire a more discrete manner of buying and selling, please do not hesitate to contact us below. As always, our Instagram is a consistent source of curated information and updates but if you wish to make a professional enquiry, please direct yourself to the relevant contact information below!


For professional enquiries concerning automotive consignment, guidance or marketing opportunities, please use the email provided here.
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